Is it safe to travel to the DRC?

Ubuntu Voyages Guides & Tips Is it safe to travel to the DRC?

Since the late 90s, the media have viewed the DRC only through the lens of war, violence, trauma and poverty. They have depicted it the same way as the novelist Joseph Conrad depicted it under colonial rule, namely, as the ‘heart of darkness’. This coverage is, however, one-sided. It does not do justice to the light side of the DRC, especially those countless and vibrant tourist attractions located in easily accessible places considered havens of peace. 

These attractions include the Kahuzi-Biega National Park, Lwiro Primates Sanctuary and Idjwi Islands in the East of the country; the River Congo, Wagenia Waterfall and the Garamba National Park in the North; and the Mbombo Lumene Forest Reserve, the N’sele National Park, Lola Ya Bonobos, the Zongo Waterfall and the Kisantu Botanical Garden in the West.

Getting there:

You can access the attractions located in the eastern region via Goma International Airport (DRC), Kigali International Airport (Rwanda) or Bujumbura International Airport (Burundi). Once in the region, you may wish to combine an adventurous lowland gorilla trek through the Kahuzi-Biega National Park with an unforgettable safari across Rwanda, Uganda or Kenya. The attractions in the western region can be accessed via N’Djili International Airport (Kinshasa, DRC). 

Visa information

Foreign nationals wishing to obtain DRC visas have to submit their application to the Congolese Embassies or diplomatic missions in their countries of residence. It is also possible and even easier to get a tourist visa valid for 7 days through a trusted tour operator. For this category of visa, you need to book a visit to one of the national parks – Kahuzi-Biega National Park, Virunga National Park, etc. (when it’s open).

It is recommended to visit the country with an experienced tour company that knows how best to keep you safe, can give you reliable information about the visa process and can keep you updated on travel health guidelines and recommendations.

Ubuntu Voyages offers you a stress-free travel to and around the DRC by taking in charge your bookings (permit, accommodation, transportation) and visa inquiry.